Ellie Mulhern

The mind is the most powerful tool that humans have, each one of us has an enormous amount of potential. The mind is the most
intriguing aspect of humans and can unlock the doors to our
hopes and aspirations. My intrigue of the human mind and
passion to help people overcome their perceived limitations
and barriers are the reasons why I entered into the
Hypnotherapy profession.

I myself, have had an extremely positive experience with hypnotherapy and this was a factor in me deciding become a hypnotherapist. This truly effective technique enables access to extensive resourcefulness of the subconscious mind, where our ‘emotions, habits and behaviors’ are created and held. It is via the subconscious that we can accomplish the greatest change. With compassion and insight I aid in guiding you on your journey through your therapy and personal struggles,
in to a much more positive and empowering life.

I am a GHR accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, specialising in 
Advanced Hypno-analyist work, trained in NLP and CBT. I am also registered with the professional standards authority CNCH. 

The environment within the Clearmind clinic promotes deep
relaxation, healing, health and wellbeing.  For body and mind
relaxation both hypnotherapy and massage therapy are available.
All products that I use are of the highest quality using organically sourced ingredients.

If you feel you’d like to ask a question, please do. More people know
about hypnotherapy now but there are no ‘silly questions’ just
people wanting to get answers and solutions.
I am passionate about helping people achieve long-term change
in a safe, professional and caring environment.

Explore how hypnotherapy can help you or contact me now for
advice, or for a consultation. You can get in touch via the Contact
page by phoning or e-mailing.

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